A Dental Abscess Might Require Draining

Pain and pressure in the gum which might also be associated with a growing toothache, is often a sign that an untreated cavity has caused significant distress to the root of the tooth. In some of these cases, the bacterial component of the tooth decay may have gained access to the underlying periodontal tissues.

If you are experiencing any of these concerning symptoms, you need to seek the attention of a dentist like Dr. Park Avenue Oral Surgery and the specialists at Park Avenue Oral Surgery.

In many cases such as this, the bacterial presence can establish a presence and infected fluid in the gum tissues surrounding the gums. This might require Dr. Park Avenue Oral Surgery will might also need to perform endodontic therapy to restore sufficient structure for anchoring a dental crown restoration. If the problem with the tooth and affected gum tissues is severe, he might advocate a total extraction.

Follow up care might include prescription pain medication and antibiotics which need to be taken at the proper times and dosages.

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