Grow Wise About Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to grow in. Did you know, wisdom teeth have been known to cause many problems in your smile? Many people do not understand the damage wisdom teeth can bring when they begin to appear. To help you know more about your wisdom teeth and why you should remove them, our dentists, Dr. Clark and Dr. Ida with Park Avenue Oral Surgery in New York, New York, is here to share some information with you.

Here is some information on wisdom teeth:

-Wisdom teeth can cause intense pain as they pierce through your gums. If there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth to come in correctly, the pain can also occur as it becomes impacted or wedged into another tooth.

-If there is no room for your wisdom teeth, your other neighboring teeth may be forced out of proper alignment causing your teeth to become crooked. Many orthodontists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth before orthodontic treatment to avoid this concern.

-If your wisdom teeth become impacted, cysts can form near the impacted tooth, which can damage the root of your other teeth nearby and damage the bone in your jaw.

-Wisdom teeth can cause infections because they cause your gums to bleed with damage to your teeth.

-Gum disease can also occur when your wisdom teeth erupt because your gums become weak, sore, swollen, and damaged. Bacteria can reside in an open cut that leads to infections and gum disease.

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