Is a TMJ Disorder the Cause of Your Jaw Pain?

Your TMJs are the temporomandibular joints that are ball and socket joints on each side of your jaw. The TMJs are responsible for attaching the jaw to your skull so that you can open and close your mouth in order to chew your food well and speak clearly. If you frequently experience jaw pain, this may also be caused by your TMJs if you have what is known as a TMJ disorder.

Because the TMJs are complex, they are also vulnerable to damage and injury, sometimes resulting in chronic discomfort that may not be easy to pinpoint. Sometimes, joint pain resulting from TMJ disorder is treatable with an ice or heat pack to reduce any inflammation and swelling in the jaw joints. If you suspect that anxiety or stress could be creating uncomfortable tension in your jaw, you may want to look into biofeedback, yoga, music therapy, meditation, or another calming practice.

Dr. Clark and Dr. Anjomshoaa can help you determine if your TMJ disorder is the direct result of another condition called bruxism. If you have an unconscious habit of grinding and clenching your teeth while you are asleep, your TMJs could be under frequent pressure and are breaking down. In this case, you may find that a bite plate or custom night guard is the right course of action, as it can prevent the harmful effects of bruxism.

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