Wisdom Teeth: A History

What are you aware of concerning the history of wisdom teeth? Have they ever served a purpose? When did we first begin evolving them? Find out the answers to these inquiries and additional ones by reading this post we’ve put together about the history of wisdom teeth. If you have any more queries about wisdom teeth, our oral surgeons and team would be happy to answer them on your next appointment to our office.

Approximately 100 million years ago, humans walked on all fours and had immense jaws. As it turns out, this huge jaw could accommodate 32 chompers easily; we still develop up to 32 teeth today, but the wisdom teeth either don’t erupt or need to be removed if they do since they can complicate breathing and other crucial human activities. Our ancestors utilized the four wisdom teeth to help themselves chew and grind leaves and roots. But after a mutation developed smaller jaws, brains started growing bigger and mankind began cooking and using cooking devices such as fire to soften food, making the third molars less useful. Or at least that’s how scientists think it took place!

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