Wisdom Tooth Removal Reasons

There are dentists and patients that believe the wisdom teeth should be removed early in order to avoid the common problems of crowding and impacted molars that occur around the time that kids get their braces. While this belief has been gaining popularity, others feel that we should allow nature to take its course. Below are a few things to consider when pondering whether to get your wisdom teeth taken out.

Bite and Alignment Problems: There are scenarios where an emerging wisdom tooth grows above the rest of the teeth. In cases like this, wisdom teeth will be wreaking havoc on proper bite and alignment.

Odd Protrusion: Even when bite and alignment is unaffected, sometimes a wisdom tooth emerges in such a way that it rubs against the cheek or tongue and causes discomfort.

Crowding of Other Teeth: The most popular reason for removing wisdom teeth is when they become impacted, which means that they are angled in such a way inside the gum that they do not fully emerge, and are pushing up against the other teeth, threatening to move them out of proper alignment.

Orthodontic Work Needs Space: When an orthodontic appliance is needed such as braces, many times the dentist will recommend that the wisdom teeth be removed in order to make much needed space for the remaining teeth to shift.

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