Rayscan Alpha Plus

the technology

To provide our patients with the most advanced, safe care and applicable treatment plans, we proudly utilize the Rayscan Alpha Plus in New York, New York. With the diverse treatments we provide, we aim to offer every patient with the most attentive and customized care. The Rayscan Alpha Plus allows Dr. Igor Tarlo to focus the X-ray’s field of view according to the treatment(s) required. We also provide 3D reconstructions to provide you with informative and precise dental care.

Faster than a panoramic X-ray, this technology can take a rotating image in less than 10 seconds. We also reduce the time patients are exposed to radiation with Rayscan’s equipment resulting in a minimal 0.3 seconds of exposure. This advanced option replaces the need for any other kind of X-ray as it can meet all of your radiology needs. Implant, cephalometric, maxillofacial, TMJ, and orbits scans can also be completed efficiently with the Rayscan Alpha Plus. This external X-ray is comfortable, non-invasive, and allows our team to get the right image needed the first time. We invite you to call our practice at 212-644-7009 to experience care with increased awareness and compassionate service. We look forward to seeing you at Park Avenue Oral Surgery.